Thursday, 23 November 2017 
Производство на луксозна дървена дограма със стъклопакет
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1. How can I publish an offer or a demand in
In order to be able to publish new offers and demands you need to register as a user. The registration is free.
2. How do I register in
In the upper right corner of the web site there is a user panel where you can find a link "Registration" that will lead you to the rest of the process. You will be asked to fill a registration form. The registration is absolutely free. You will be given an option to subscribe to the news from
3. I forgot my password? What do I have to do?
In the upper right corner of the web site under the login form there is a link to "Forgotten password" You will be asked for your registration e-mail and the password will be sent to it.
4. What are the members benifits?
Registered members can post their offers and demands and can find new partners in their work all over the world
5. How can I see the companies and the contact information of every offer?
To view any information regarding the companies you need to have an active paid membership.
6. How do I get a paid membership?
To get a paid membership you need to have a registered company. After you login you can use the link "Paid Membership" in the upper right corner of the web site to go to the payment page which will guide you to the rest of the process.
7. Why did my offer disappear several days after it was posted?
Every offer/demand needs to be renewed in order to show that it is still active. You can renew your offers every couple of days to be sure that they are shown in the list of offers. To renew an offer/demand login with your account and find the link "My offers" in the upper right corner of the web site. A list of all your offers will be shown to you and you can renew an offer/demand by clicking on its "Renew" button.
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